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    Steel casing

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    Full sleeve forging joint process flow

    Step 1: select forging the original embryo.
    (Selected 25CrMo round steel)

    Step 2: rough forging, rapid heating,
    rough forging with hydraulic hammer to make rough.
    Do high-frequency quenching and tempering process.

    Step 3: precision forging, the size is controlled to within ±5CM of the required size, and the defects are inspected. If there is, return to the furnace, if not, proceed to the next step.

    Step 4: Put on the vertical CNC lathe and turn to the required size.

    Step 5: On the horizontal CNC boring machine, accurately position and boring the connecting holes and positioning pin holes.

    High-density positioning and fastening accessories
    Step 6: Manually deburr, polish, and protect the paint surface.