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    Drilling Method of Underground Clearance of Full Circle Casi

    Full rotary drilling rig without leaving the pile construction technology is: the whole rotary equipment is able to drive the steel casing for 360 ° rotation, and steel casing press and removal of the construction machinery. The equipment in the operation to produce the next pressure and torque, driving steel casing rotation, the use of high-strength nozzle tip of the soil, rock and reinforced concrete and other obstacles to cut, the use of casing wall effect, and then use hydraulic punch Bucket will be caught inside the steel casing, in the casing within the clearance pile piling operations. After the completion of the barrier, the steel casing backfill cement construction. Backfill can be used to build a better plastic shield construction, and mixed with 7% -10% cement. In the backfill process, pay attention to keep the steel sleeve is lower than the backfill cement top elevation ≥ 2m; when the steel casing is fully removed, the cement soil is also filled to the ground. As the backfill is looser, in order to avoid the adverse effects of late settlement on the surrounding environment, the backfill is filled with grouting immediately after completion of the backfill to ensure the strength of the backfill. The complete set of equipment includes full rotary drive, steel casing, hydraulic punching, in order to achieve the cutting of large volume of concrete after the broken, in some cases also equipped with special drill, in addition, also equipped with a crawler crane, hydraulic punch The use of the grab at the same time provides a balanced reaction force for the sleeve torque. Full rotary power equipment is mainly for the casing 360 ° rotation and cutting head to provide obstacles, including the upper and lower hoop clamping system and a vertical jacking system. The hoop clamping system is the main locking system, which is clamped by the hydraulic drive to provide the drive torque and downward force into the casing. The diameter of the standard casing is 1000 to 3000 mm. If the diameter of the casing is small, it can be applied to the inside of the hoop system. Under the hoop clamping system for the auxiliary locking system, in the process of pulling the top of the casing, the next clamping device alternately on the casing to prevent the casing to fall. The vertical jacking system is mainly used for top-up of the casing. Driving system can provide the maximum pressure into the fuselage of the weight, when the press force is not enough to increase the weight of the case. In the process of casing rotation, in order to prevent the body's own weight, when the press force is not enough to increase the weight of the case. In the casing rotation process, in order to prevent the fuselage along with the casing with a dedicated anti-torque lock to lock the fuselage. The driving device can adjust the steering torque, slewing speed, pressing force and clamping force of the casing arbitrarily within the working ability of the equipment. Rotation speed set high, medium and low third gear speed, according to casing diameter, geological conditions and changes in torque and so choose the most appropriate speed of rotation. Horizontal adjustment cylinder with a dedicated hydraulic circuit, so the casing can also adjust the vertical rotation.