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    Create a third-party full casing and auxiliary parts rental service, and explore new ways of cooperation!

    On February 23, Shanghai Zoomlion Piling Machinery Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation with Guangzhou Shengkun Foundation Construction Co., Ltd. and Wuxi Kengbo Machinery Co., Ltd. for the full casing and auxiliary parts used in azimuth drilling rigs in Shanghai Songjiang Park. Framework Agreement.

    Based on the principles of honesty and trustworthiness, sincere cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win, the three parties share their respective advantages and form a long-term and comprehensive strategic partnership.

    ▲Wang Hairong, General Manager of Wuxi Kengbo Machinery Co., Ltd. Chen Gang, General Manager of Shanghai Zoomlion Pile Machinery Co., Ltd. (pictured)

    Li Shiqiang, General Manager of Guangzhou Shengkun Foundation Construction Co., Ltd. (right in the picture)

    The azimuth drilling rig is a new, environmentally friendly and high-efficiency pile foundation construction tool. In recent years, it has achieved success in projects such as urban subways, high-speed railways, roads and bridges and other rail transit infrastructure construction, deep foundation pit enclosure occlusal piles, reinforcement of reservoir dams, removal of waste pile foundations, and reverse-method high-precision steel column implantation. Applications. Especially for the construction of cast-in-place piles in complex strata such as high water level quicksand silt layer, strong necking stratum, round gravel pebble layer, boulder boulder layer, karst landform, etc., it can not only improve construction efficiency, but also ensure construction safety. , improve the construction quality of pile foundation.

    Full casing and accessories are the key factors restricting the development and growth of the azimuth drilling rig industry for a long time. As a professional enterprise of domestic construction machinery, Zoomlion has joined forces with Guangzhou Shengkun Foundation Construction Co., Ltd. and Wuxi Kengbo Machinery Co., Ltd. , to create a third-party full casing and accessories rental service, to provide a complete set of solutions for the construction of azimuth drilling rigs in the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and the southwest region, and also to explore a new path of cooperation and win-win for accelerating the domestic development of azimuth drilling rigs. .

    At the same time, Zoomlion will launch a nationwide inspection service activity for the brand of azimuth drilling rigs in March 2022. As long as customers own the azimuth drilling rig, regardless of equipment origin and brand, they can enjoy this free inspection service. Since then, Zoomlion will implement the marketing policy of azimuth drilling rigs with the greatest discount, provide customers with sincere services, and save customers money and worry.
    "Heart" Policy

    ● Zoomlion provides spare parts sales (including imported parts) for azimuth drilling rigs at low prices in the market;
    ● Zoomlion's trade-in policy (second-hand rotary drilling rigs and azimuth drilling rigs can be exchanged for new azimuth drilling rigs at a discount without brand restrictions);
    ● Zoomlion's new service measures, providing third-party full casing and accessories leasing business;
    ● Zoomlion undertakes maintenance services for azimuth drilling rigs nationwide, regardless of equipment origin and brand.